• Happy Hour

    Our House Premium Jose Cuervo Margarita for $7.75

  • Catering

    Catering Services Available for Home, Office, or any Special Event! For Arrangements Please Call 713-521-3144.

  • Guinness World Book of Records

    Come and savor the taste of the largest Taco in the World!

La Tapatia Houston

Welcome you are now entering the world of la tapatia were you will find a grand variety of authentic mexican dishes ,drinks and a diverse family ambience, were what differs us from other mexican restaurants is our excellent service that we offer our clientel to make them feel like they are in Mexico.

We look forward to your visit. Choose your favorite location and share your experience with us!.

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    Guinness World Records: Biggest Taco

    The world's longest taco 15 feet long 29 inches wide

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    Take a quick tour

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    Tex-Mex Catering

    Catering Services available for Home, Office or Any Special Event!

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  • Thursday Shrimp


    Camarones a la Plancha $8.95 - THURDAY ONLY 6 PM TO 10 PM, Dine in only.

  • Wednesday Happy Hour


    11am to 11pm

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    Obtain your gift cards, the best present for holidays